I believe we can be architects of change. If we are mindful enough to observe our thoughts and learn to direct them towards creative compassionate visions we can make a conscious commitment to a life lived artfully and peacefully. In a sense we can paint a better picture.

This wisdom has encouraged me to rethink and observe more closely my own attitudes and untethered my own heart and soul from unnecessary outdated subjective perceptions. Untethering is a reflective process, a pause to observe with loving compassionate eyes and ears how I inhibit my own innovations, creativity and my own openness. Changing, to me means, reopening and reconnecting to the greater societal needs as architects of change and create a better world. This is the focus of my vision.


I love the creative process. It has become an ongoing curiosity and investigation. The choreographer Twyla Tharp wrote "Creativity is a habit", and Henry Miller wrote " to paint is to love again." These statements have become both a source of inspiration and a gentle reminder to create within myself an environment of awe and a willingness to experiment and change.

My art is a reflection of my inner state, a mirror. Henry Miller wrote, "Big Sur is Nature smiling at herself in the mirror of Eternity". When I look out at Big Sur I cannot help but smile. This is a jumping-off point to play, an unplanned opportunity to express myself visually without any artistic judgement. Play uncovers what lies beneath the surface. Recently I have become more reflective. I take more time looking. These long pauses have helped me see potential and possibilities. I have learned to handle the tension between urges and impulses and unfinishedness. These are new habits.

As an artist, I move between the intoxicating beauty of Big Sur and the world in its unfinishedness and suffering. To see our reflection in the cracked mirror with an open heart motivates me to do what I can do to change. I can change, the way I treat others, the planet and be determined to practice open-heartedness and compassion. I can love differently, more wisely.

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